Our consultations are charged based on client case and issues involved.

Migration advice is provided for clients :

  • Skill Select and EOI application
  • Student Visa Extension
  • Migration options for overseas nationals
  • Skills Assessment For Students & Migrants
  • Temporary Visas and Permanent Migration for Students
  • Migration Options For Overseas Clients
  • MRT Appeals For Visa Refusals
  • Employer Sponsorship options For Eligible Clients

Our Education Counselor offers advice on :

  • Courses offered in TAFE, Universities across Australia
  • Change of course provider
  • Documentation required for Visa Extension


Application Processing Timelines

The current Australian migration legislation does not provide for strictly fixed timeframe for processing applications. The Department of Immigration and Border Protection of Australia (DIBP) processes each visa application on individual basis based on its own merits. The timeframe for processing in each particular case is set entirely by the DIBP and is totally at its own discretion. The processing time depends on various circumstances (e.g. complexity of the case, workload amount of the particular DIAC office where the application is processed, requests (if any) to supply additional information, medical/police check-ups, etc).

The DIBP office can be contacted regarding the approximate timeframe for processing only after the application is duly lodged and the file number is issued.


Our consultation and professional fees are not standard and depend on individual case and we are quite considerate about our client’s circumstances.

We charge for consultations based on individual cases. The costs involved in migration depend on :

  • Complexity Of Case
  • Visa Subclass
  • Number of Dependents applying with the applicant

We provide fair migration advice and provide professional service to our clients at a very reasonable and competitive charge and assure complete guidance and support will be provided till they arrive here in Australia.

After the first consultation, clients who want to apply need to sign a written agreement detailing the terms and conditions. We will also provide a copy of the Code of Conduct and details of MARA regulations to all clients before commencing any paperwork.

Please note

Our professional charges will not include the visa application fees payable to the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP)

Clients will also need to pay additional fees for

  • Police checks
  • Medical examinations
  • Skills assessment fees payable to TRA or other relevant assessment authorities
  • Certification and translation of documents to English

Privacy Statement

Any personal information collected by us will be confidential and not disclosed without your consent. All information we collect is stored in our databases.